Wednesday, August 25, 2010

untitled... new acrylic painting stage 1

Untitled - stage 1

I started on my latest acrylic painting this morning.. as yet the piece is untitled... guessing a name will come to me as I progress through this one.

Im looking forward to the challenge of painting the both the little girls face and the roan coloured appy in acrylics... the size of this a painting is quite large for me 24" x 30" but a good size to hang on the wall.

Stage 1... I painted the background using a mix of blue and white not minding that in places the white hasnt quite mixed with the blue giving a speckled effect which I hope will create a little interest in the background.

next I drew in the horse and rider... blocked in the whites on the helmet, joddies and the direction the white hair will be going in on the horses head.

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