Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well Moo 2 U

Well Moo 2 U

Finally finished and ready to frame Well Moo 2 U up.. I had heaps of fun working on these ladies with the unusual colours of blue and purple.. though if you really  look at an animal that has a black coat they are never truly black.

Thank you to Shane Young for the use of your fantastic photo ... cant wait to start on the sister painting to this one also from a photo of Shane's.

Well Moo 2 U
14" x 21"

$750.00 unframed
$1000.00 framed (Australia only)

Catherin McMillan

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well Moo Too U - work in progress

Well Moo To U - work in progress

Ive been out of the studio for over a month now with a trip to the USA... when I get back into the studio after a break I like to start with something fun before getting down to the business of commissions or work for exhibition.

"Well Moo R U" has been drawn up for quite sometime ready to make a start on.. now was the perfect time to get her or should I say them underway..

"Well Moo R U" is another in my quirky cow works only this time they're all in blues, yellows and pinks on black paper.

Upon completion the finished drawing will be 14" x 21" in pastel

If you would like to register your interest to purchase prior to completion you can drop me an email .. and I will ship for free.

Catherin McMillan

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