Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fox - watercolour

OK here's the second work I almost finished at the art school. Sorry for the quality of the photograph (its showing a bit on the pink side) the photo was taken on the last night of school at the students exhibition. Tip don't try and photograph at night in a room it doesn't work :)
I think I'm getting hooked on watercolours again almost finished an Andalusian horse that will be going to an equine art exhibition later on in the year. Must be doing something right my husband told me that he just wants to keep looking at the watercolours.
A want to say a special thank you to Kerry Wilson for the use of her photo. to view more of Kerry's photos check out
PS bit of techo stuff both watercolours where painted on arches 300gsm hot pressed paper never used this paper before but its lovely.

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