Monday, August 27, 2012

Untitled - work in progress

Dalmatian - Untitled work in progress

With my solo canine exhibition at Mill Pond Gallery fast approaching.. its time to knuckle down and finish off the final pieces for this exhibition.

My exhibition will feature canines in both pastels and acrylics .. this will be the largest of my pastel pieces.  I'm finding this piece a lot of fun as I'm working on canson pastel board..

I rarely use board preferring to work on paper as I'm able to choose if I will work on the smooth or the rough side.. with the board I have no such choice and must work on the rough side..

Which is proving a challenge but a lot of fun making me work in a totally different way.

Stay tuned for more updates shortly on this piece

Dalmatian - Untitled

pastel on canson pastel board
size - big (haven't measured accurately yet)

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