Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Over the Moon

Trainers in Training

I don't often enter juried exhibitions ... but when I received the invitation to submit to the Ingles Equine Art Prize, which is a competition organised by Australian Art Sale from New South Wales Australia...   I was so excited by this opportunity... Equine art competitions are few and far between here in Australia.. So it was an opportunity too good to miss.

The theme for the competition was "Around the Horse Stud" which conjured up all types of images of stallions with their grooms and mares and foals. The criteria was that it must depict registered thoroughbred horses.

So the search for a stud to liaise with began.. I found the perfect stud in Carrington Park at Roberston NSW.. after speaking to the owner Peter Beauman a time was arrange to go up to the stud too meet the horses.

I had an image in my mind as to what I wanted to paint but capturing it was the hard part.. several hundred photos later and one frustrated husband who is my photographer... we arrived home to go through the photos and select the image I would paint....

Well the best laid plans of mice and men went out the window when I saw the photo of the children with "Cirles of Desire"...  I had found the image that I just had to paint I couldn't stop thinking about the photo and the story it told to me... of these children discussing the virtues of this horse.. hence Trainers in Training 14" x 21" watercolour was born.

After sending off my entry for the jury process I crossed my fingers and waited to hear back from Mike Coward from Australian Art Sales the organiser... You can imagine my surprise when just 2 days after the closing date for the jury selection I received an email confirming my painting was accepted.... to say I'm over the  moon is an understatement and I'm still wearing the biggest grin 24hrs later.

Only 30 paintings worldwide have been chosen for the exhibit, which makes it even more special..

The exhibition begins August 11 at the Sydney Inglis Newmarket Complex. The exhibit will remain there until August 14, then be in Melbourne from August 18-24, and on to Scone from August 25-28.

Fingers crossed this leads to bigger and better things for my equine artwork.

Catherin McMillan

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