Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cocker spaniel in watercolour

Cocker Spaniel in watercolour
Finished this guy earlier on in the week. With North of the Harbours annual dog show coming up in a few weeks time and being one of the sponsors, I wanted to show prospective clients the other medium I have been working in - watercolour.
I fell in love with Windsor and newtons charcoal grey (which is what he is painted in) sadly they've discontinued this great colour, so I'm treating it like gold.
This boy is 10" x 14" painted on arches 300 gsm hot pressed (smooth) paper. For Sale
If you would like to commission a watercolour portrait of your pet or equine then drop me an email: catherin@animalarthouse.com
visit www.animalarthouse.com if you'd like to have a look at more of my work away from my blog.
thanks for looking, love to hear your comments on my watercolour cocker spaniel.

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pencilportraits said...

Lovely Catherine, really wonderful. I found art items always being discontinued or changed in some way, really very annoying!