Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A little brag

Just a little brag from me. A while ago I was asked if I would like to submit an editorial along with images of my artwork for consideration for inclusion in the US magazine, Horses in Art.

Firstly I thought oh they'll never include me in there, but hey what the heck I'll submit and see what happens. I already subscribe to this magazine so if I get my work in there along with some of the top equine artists in the world that would be fantastic.

My copy arrived and whoo hoo not only was I in the magazine but I had a whole page to myself. Now this has really made not only my week but month as well. Sure doing a happy dance over this neck of the world.


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Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Catherin - CONGRATS!!! what great exposure! I'm thrilled for you. (and it's great to see your face and Banjo's - haven't been to your blog in a bit, and really like the pic)